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Target your best prospects by geography, even down to the zip code level. With Easy2FIND, our web-based query tool, you can pull data from CHD Expert’s online database

You can also get granular contact information on each operator For example, address, zip code, and phone number, in addition to Menu Type, # of units, ownership type, annual sales, years in business, customer status, and more. 

The database is updated on a monthly basis for maximum accuracy. It integrates over 40 variables to select from to segment your data.

* GDPR : European directive on "General Data Protection Regulation"

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With Easy2FIND, you can : 

Launch direct market & email campaigns                                          
Manage your sales force and assign key targets to visit

Have a better understanding of the Market & better know your penetration rate

Get a clear overview of prospects, suspects, and existing clients

Improve market research and operator intelligence efforts

Get better data qualification & segmentation

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